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Book, Document, & Paper Storage

Clamshell Storage Boxes

Clamshell Storage Boxes

Clamshell design opens fully flat for easy access to stored items

Safe and sturdy flat storage for your valuable items such as pamphlets, magazines, music folios, prints and photographs.  All boxes have metal edges to support stacking and to increase durability. The drop spine design enables the box to open fully flat. When closed, the deep, telescoping attached lid protects against dust, light and pollutants. For loose items, we recommend separating them with archival tissue or interleaving paper and placing them in primary enclosures such as box folders.  The Music Folio size will hold both 16 x 10” and 17 x 10” music folders.


Available in our acid/lignin free buffered (pH 8.5), 60 pt. Metal Edge Blue/Grey board, Hollinger Lt. Grey board, Hollinger Archives Grey board or our Tan board. All boxes have metal edges for added strength during stacking & handling.

Passes Standard "Photo Activity Test"

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