Photo of William Kenneth Hollinger

Quality Archival Supplies

Hollinger Metal Edge has been the leading supplier of archival storage products for government and institutional archives, historical societies, museums, libraries, universities, galleries and private collectors for over 60 years. With our extremely experienced management and staff, we are dedicated to quality, customer service, and competitive prices.

Our History

Hollinger Metal Edge was founded in 1945 by William Kenneth Hollinger (1912-1977) in Arlington, Virginia. After World War II, Mr. Hollinger directed his attention to the problem of the deterioration of historic documents. Working with chemist William Barrow, and officials at The Library of Congress and National Archives, Hollinger developed acid free papers, storage boxes and envelopes that would allow for the proper preservation of valuable documents and photographs.

In the 63 years since its founding, Hollinger Metal Edge has introduced numerous archival products for the preservation of a large variety of valuable materials. In 1988 Hollinger moved its manufacturing plant from Arlington to historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. At present, Hollinger operates manufacturing plants in Fredericksburg and Commerce, California.

Hollinger Metal Edge remains the quality leader for archival products.