Indestructible Media Cases

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
$105.00 - $137.75


Protect your Hard Drives, Laptops (available online) and CD/DVD’s from static charges, dust, debris, physical impact or extreme temperature and humidity changes. Case exterior is made from high density polyethylene plastic material. Case interior contains foam inserts to hold your items in place and provide impact protection without introducing foam debris particles. Stainless steel hardware and double movement latches prevent accidental opening. Cases are double padlock-able.

Hard Drive Cases Airtight, waterproof case with anti-static foam inserts hold hard drives with or without their “sleds”.

CD/DVD Case The single walled case with foam inserts is designed to hold between 20 LTOs & 5 DLTs in their jewel cases or will can hold 50-200 CD/DVDs depending on the thickness of their jewel cases.


THDC353 - Fits 3, Hard Drive size 3.5. Slot dims: 8 x 1.5 x 5, 3.3 lbs


THDC355 - Fits 5, Hard Drive size 3.5. Slot dims: 8 x 1.5 x 5, 4.4 lbs


THDC259 - Fits 9, Hard Drive size 2.5, 3.3 lbs


TCDDVDC - Fits 50-200 DVD'S, 6 Lbs


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