Archival Storage of Photographs and Negatives

 Photos and negatives should be placed in a primary enclosure such as an envelope, sleeve or binder page. The primary enclosure should then be placed in a secondary enclosure like an archival box or binder album. Photos may be placed single or back-to-back in the primary enclosure. Each negative should be stored in its own primary enclosure.

Primary Enclosures
            Archival Paper Envelopes
            Polyester Envelopes
            Polyester Sleeves
            Polyester L-Seals
            Polyester Binder Pages
            Polypropylene Envelopes
            Polypropylene Sleeves
            Polypropylene Binder Pages
            Polyethylene Envelopes
            Polyethylene Sleeves
Secondary Enclosures
            Archival Boxes
            Archival Manuscript Folders
            Archival Binder Albums
            Pro-Line photo cleaner and photo cleaning pads can be used with standard black & white and color photographs. The Kaiser Schreiber marking pen will safely write on paper, polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene.