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Artifact & Collectible Storage

SafeCare® Artifact Storage System

SafeCare® Artifact Storage System

Store and display a variety of items in a box & tray system that allows collections to be organized and cataloged with individual items compartmentalized.

The system starts with our triple-walled corrugated storage carton & lid and allows a selection of six mix and match interior trays. Individual dividers may be removed to make compartments larger. Interior boxes have "pull strings" to assist removing trays from master cartons. Both a standard lid and presvation quality crystal clear 4 mil. Archival Polyester "See Thru" lid are available for storage or display. All components are manufactured from our highest quality, light tan corrugated board, buffered, acid/lignin-free. No glued or stapled seams. Easily assembled.

Passes Standard "Photo Activity Test"

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Base Storage Carton, SafeCare® Artifact Storage System

Cat # Description Size 3 or more 10 or more 25 or more Qty

Base Storage Carton and Lid

Price each
12W x 15L x 10H $15.30 $14.10 $12.65

Interior Trays, SafeCare® Artifact Storage System

Cat # Description Size 1 or more 2 or more Qty

Artifact Storage System Tray 

Price each
12L x 14 3/4W x 2 1/2H $17.80 $16.75

Multi-Sectioned Interior Tray 15 Compartments

Price each
2 5/8L x 3 3/4W x 2 1/2H $17.80 $16.75

Multi-Sectioned Interior Tray 3 Compartments

Price each
4 1/16L x 10 7/8W x 4 7/8H $17.80 $16.75

Multi-Sectioned Interior Trays 4 Compartments

Price each
7 1/8L x 5 7/8W x 4 7/8H $17.80 $16.75

Multi-Sectioned Interior Tray 6 Compartments

Price each
4 9/16L x 5 3/8W x 2 1/2H $17.80 $16.75

Multi-Sectioned Interior Tray 7 Compartments

Price each
1 7/8L x 10 7/8W x 1 3/8H $17.80 $16.75

Tray Lids, SafeCare® Artifact Storage System

Cat # Description Size 1 or more 2 or more Qty

Standard tray lid

Price each
14 3/4L x 12W x 1 3/8H $5.55 $5.00

See Thru tray cover

Price each
$10.85 $10.00
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