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Book Jacket Covers, Polyester Rolls, Labels & Laminate

Filmolux® Soft Laminate

Filmolux® Soft Laminate

A self-adhesive, clear soft laminate used to cover and protect paperback books, charts, posters, maps, etc. Easy to apply Filmolux® is repositionable and won't brittle with age. The clear, luster finish conforms easily to irregular contours and the grid imprinted liner makes measuring and cutting easy, ideal for frequently used items. Important note: All laminates are difficult to reverse and should not be used on items where removal may be desirable at some future time. Laminates of this type are not considered “Archival” quality.

Size: 15 3/4" W x 82' roll.


Filmolux® Soft Laminate

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Filmolux Soft Laminate

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15 3/4 in. x 82 ft. roll $81.00
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