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Storage Hat/Headgear Mounts

Storage Hat/Headgear Mounts

Conservation Storage Hat/Headgear Mount

Preserve the shape of your hats while in storage

This mount features a crown of conservation quality Ethafoam™ covered with one layer of polyester stockinette. No adhesives or resins are used. The oval crown measures 19 ½” around x 3 ½” high and is mounted on a powder-coated steel base (6 3/4” dia.) with an anodized aluminum pole that is available in three heights. Pin or stitch directly into crown for secure positioning.

Color: White

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Conservation Storage Hat/Headgear Mounts

Cat # Description Size 1 or more Qty

Storage Hat Mount 8 in. Pole

Price each
8 High Pole $86.10

Storage Hat Mount 11 in. Pole

Price each
11 High Pole $86.10

Storage Hat Mount 15 in. Pole

Price each
15 High Pole $86.10
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