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Benchmark® Horizontal Butterfly Bookmount

Benchmark® Horizontal Butterfly Bookmount

The horizontal bookmount presents the book parallel to the display surface. This book support plates are mounted on four sturdy brass legs on a flat 1/4" thick Plexiglas® base. Each support plate pivots on joints, allowing you to select the degree to which the book is open. The legs are adjustable by as much as 1" to accopport plates slide in or out to accommodate different openings.

Benchmark® Horizontal Butterfly Bookmount

Cat # Description Size 1 or more Qty

Standard mount

Price each
Cover Size: 4 1/2 x 8 to 8 x 12 $337.25

Intermediate mount

Price each
Cover Size: 7 x 11 to 11 x 18 $376.30

Folio mount

Price each
Cover Size: 11 x 18 to 18 x 25 $515.85

Mini mount

Price each
Smaller than 4 x 6 $245.15
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