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NILFISK Museum & Preservation Quality Vacuums

NILFISK Museum & Preservation Quality Vacuums

Nilfisk specialized HEPA - filtered vari-speed vacuum is designed to gently remove dust from your artifacts while keeping that dust in the vacuum where it belongs. The variable speed control allows you to regulate the suction power, making it ideal for delicate artifacts. The micro-tool kit enables even the most minute crevices to be cleaned.
The 4-stage filtration captures 99.97% of all ultra fine dust particles, down to 0.3 microns in size. This filtration system prevents dust from recirculating back into the air thus creating an ideal environment for protecting both your valuable artifacts, as well as your patrons & employees.

Vacuum unit is 16 high, 12 in diameter and weighs 13 lbs. Noise level is 67db sound level at 2 meters. 30 ft. power cord included.

Nilfisk GM-80 Vacuum Kit with Variable Speed Control

Includes: GM-80 HEPA filtered vacuum with positive twist safety latches, variable speed control, 6 6 tapered plastic hose, wands, floor nozzle, 3 dust brush, 5 wide nozzle, Micro-tool kit pictured, detachable trolley & 5 paper filter bags.

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Variable Speed Vacuum Unit

Price each
16 H x 12 Diameter $3,418.35

NILFISK GM80 Vacuum Accessories

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10 ft. Plastic Extension Hose

Price each

Replacement AES Microfilter

Price each

HEPA Replacement Cartridge

Price each

 Turbo Nozzle

Price each
81620000- 2 Ply Disposable Paper Bags Price/pkg of 5 $42.20
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