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Dahle Rotary Trimmer

Dahle Rotary Trimmer

Professional quality rotary trimmers for burr-free precision cutting of medium & lightweight materials. Easily cut paper, tissue, laminate, thin board, Archival Polyester film, and lightweight fabrics. Automatic clamp, scale bar, table with pre-printed grid & totally enclosed rotary blade. Unit can be wall mounted and used with the roll holding bar accessory for convenient storage & dispensing of frequently used materials.

Dahle Rotary Trimmer

Cat # Description Size 1 or more Qty

cutting length 14 1/8 in.

Price each
table size 21 ¾ $292.95

cutting length 18 1/8 in.

Price each
table size 25 ¾ $403.25

cutting size 28 1/4 in.

Price each
table size 36 x 12 ½ $485.95

cutting length 37 1/2 in.

Price each
table size 45 ½ x 12 ½ $638.05
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