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Twinscope Vierwer

Twinscope Vierwer

This patent-pending exhibition stereoscope is uniquely designed for viewing stereographs in frames or display cases and is also suitable for viewing hand-held stereographs in the archive, actual-size (7" × 3.5–4.5") reproductions in books or on monitors, and modern stereoviews. Designed and handcrafted by Artist and stereograph specialist Colleen Woolpert, the TwinScope Viewer strikes a balance between aesthetic appeal, durability, and functionality. With a contemporary form inspired by the Eames Lounge Chair as much as the Victorian stereoscope, this premium device borrows the latter’s superb magnifying optics and light-shielding eye cups and does better by accommodating eye glasses and expanding the image area viewable through the stereoscope (to include a bit of the card mount with captions and to mitigate image “ghosting”). It’s also more portable and does not require that the stereograph be placed into wire holders, which can cause damage. Made of pressure-cast polyurethane rubber and oil-finished hardwoods, The TwinScope Viewer is available in walnut, mahogany, or cherry and comes packaged in a box with stainless steel hardware (bracket, ball chain, screws) and instructions for use and care. Note: Chain is easily attached following the included instructions; standard length is 28” but custom sizes may be ordered to meet a variety of display needs. Acquired and endorsed by collectors and institutions including the Smithsonian Archives of American Art, Nantucket Historical Association, Hamilton College, and others, the TwinScope Viewer brings stereographs to contemporary life!

Twinscope Viewer

Cat # Description Size 1 or more Qty
TSVC Cherry Twinscope Viewer Price each $375.00
TSVM Mahogany Twinscope Viewer Price each $375.00
TSVW Walnut Twinscope Viewer Price each $375.00
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