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AMSTERDAM Table Case 43 x 58 x 23

AMSTERDAM Table Case 43 x 58 x 23

The Amsterdam line of display cases offers museum quality pedestal case at an affordable price point. Beautifully built glass sits upon on a sleek aluminum frame. Designed and manufactured in Europe. These cases can be ready in a little as 8 weeks.

Note: If color choice options G or H are not purchased, the case will be clear anodized aluminum.

43 x 58 x 23, AMSTERDAM Table Case

AMSTERDAM Table Cases allow for unobstructed views of precious small objects and manuscripts.
-Frameless glass hoods feature laminated safety glass with UV protection.
-Includes a hidden back hinge for additional safety while handling artwork.
-Available in 3 standard sizes and two glass heights(custom sizes available)
-Optional water white glass, mitered glass construction, exposed lifting handles (shown), internal lighting and climate control.


**OPTION "G" Powder coat colors: RAL9005 (Jet Black) or RAL9010 (Pure White)

***OPTION "H" To choose Lacquer color, visit website:
Specify color at checkout: RAL_____

****Suction Cup: Use 1 for a hinged case or 2 for lift off case (suction cups each sold separately)

Cat # Description Size 1 or more Qty

2 Cup Suction Cup.

Price each
ADEATCC Option C, add LED light bar Price each $334.75
ADEATCD Option D, Add handle to case. Price each $120.55
ADEATCE Option E, Add gasket to case interior. Price each $200.85
ADEATCF Option F, Add climate compartment Price each $1,057.85
ADETC15450 Table Case Price each 43.68 in. H x 58.5 in. W x 23.4 in. D $4,255.35
ADETC15450A Option A, Upgrade to low iron glass Price each $562.40
ADETC15450B Option B, Build with miter hood construction Price each $1,422.05
ADETC15450GB Option G, Powder Coat RAL9005 Jet Black Price each $107.15
ADETC15450GW Option G, Powder Coat RAL9010 Pure White Price each $107.15
ADETC15450H Option H, RAL Lacquer Color, specify color at check out Price each $214.25
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