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Perma-Saf® File Cabinet Storage System

Perma-Saf® File Cabinet Storage System

Horizontal, top-loading pages designed for file cabinet hanging storage. Safely store prints, negatives and slides in file cabinets using these heavy-duty 10 gauge polypropylene pocket pages. A specially designed “lock-in” flap holds items securely. The unique patented hanger bar channel makes insertion and removal of page from hanger bar quick and easy. Pages will hang on any Pendaflex file frame and are 3-hole punched on the side to fit into the Perma- Saf horizontal binder (at right) for transport and presentation. A white “write-on” strip at the top of each page is convenient for identification and indexing. Clear polypropylene allows light table viewing without removing from page.

Horizontal Album Binder

A black, archival quality album binder with 2" double "D" rings.  Double "D" rings hold up to 100 Perma-Saf pages and allow pages to lay flat during storage and presentation.  Size 10 1/2"H x 13"W x 2"D.

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Horizontal Binder

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Perma-Saf® File Cabinet Storage Systems

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35mm negative page holds 6 strips of 7 frames

Price/pkg of 50
$36.75 $27.20 $30.60

Page holds 4 x 5 prints and 110 Polaroid

Price/pkg of 50
$36.75 $27.20 $30.60

5 x 7 print or negative pages

Price/pkg of 50
$36.75 $27.20 $30.60

8 x 10 print or negative pages

Price/pkg of 50
$36.75 $27.20 $50.20

35mm slide page holds 20 slides

Price/pkg of 50
$36.75 $27.20 $53.60
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