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Wax Cylinder Box

Wax Cylinder Box

Replace damaged or acidic wax cylinder boxes with archival quality storage boxes featuring a polyethylene foam support system.

Protect fragile wax cylinders from abrasive damage, dust and dirt during storage and handling. Each box is 3" square with a recessed lid held closed by it's snug fit. The internal structure features a foam bottom cushion with a centered 2¼" high, 1½" diameter round foam support post. The recessed lid has an interior foam cushion for added protection. The box is made with enough interior room to allow finger access to safely remove the fragile wax cylinder. Manufactured from sturdy acid/lignin free, buffered (pH 8.5) 40 pt. board with metal edges for added strength. Store either 4" or 6" cyclinders.

Passes Standard "Photo Activity Test"

Wax Cylinder Box

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4 in. Wax Cylinder Box

Price each
$15.35 $13.85 $12.40

6 in. Wax Cylinder Box

Price each
$17.15 $15.75 $14.35
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