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Audio, Video & Compact Disc Storage

CD/DVD Envelopes

CD/DVD Envelopes

These fine quality envelopes allow you to safely handle & store individual discs, saving you storage space by replacing bulky plastic jewel cases.  Fits CD/DVD formats. 

Envelopes are available in three types, Tyvek®, archival paper stock, or a propylene "see thru" format.  All envelopes have a flap to reduce dust & to keep the CD safely in the envelope during handling & storage.

*The Tyvek® envelope is a soft, inert, non-abrasive, tear resistant material, Size: 5" x 4 7/8" with 1 1/2" flap.

*The crystal clear, polypropylene "see thru" envelope is made from 5.9-mil material, Size: 5 1/16" x 5 5/16" with a 1" flap. Sold in packages of 100 envelope.

*The paper stock envelope is made of archival 6 pt. acid-free buffered (pH 8.5) with 3% calcium carbonate, Size: 5" x 4 7/8" with a 1 1/2" flap

CD/DVD Envelopes

Cat # Description Size 1 or more 5 or more 10 or more Qty
Tyvek® CD Envelopes Price/pkg of 100 $37.35 $35.35 $33.55

Buffered Stock CD/DVD Envelope

Price/pkg of 100
$24.35 $21.85 $19.55

Polypropylene CD Envelopes

Price/pkg of 100
$34.10 $31.65 $30.00
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