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Environmental Controls and Security

Art Guard Security Alarm®

Art Guard Security Alarm®

Art Guard Security Alarm®


“If it’s worth hanging, it’s worth protecting”


Protect against theft and tampering of individual hanging objects with this affordable, easy-to-use device. The low-profile, compact unit fits discreetly behind any frame. Once activated, it will remit an immediate, loud 120 db alarm if the hanging item is moved or tampered with. Powered by two AAA batteries, Art Guard provides continuous protection and is especially useful in situations where a security guard cannot be present at all times. Features include:


·         Portability. Alarm can easily be moved from object to object, room to room.

·         Ease of use. The device is compatible for use with most hanging systems, including frame wires, “D” ring systems, and systems connected to perimeter moldings.

·         Wireless. The 2 AAA batteries will operate with a full year of uninterrupted life and emit a low battery alert when replacement is necessary.

·         Durability. The Art Guard case is built around a steel plate with an extended steel collar that supports the screw and prevents cracking of the plastic housing. The steel plate enables the device to support up to 25 lbs. of weight.


Each unit includes one color-coded activation strap, two AAA batteries, two capture clips, one screw and molly, and illustrated instructions for installation. Available in single units or packages of 10.

Art Guard Security Alarm®

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Art Guard Security Alarm

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