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Book & Document Repair

Handmade Japanese Papers

Handmade Japanese Papers

A selection of the most commonly used handmade Japanese papers for paper mending & book repair.

Handmade Japanese Papers, Kizukishi

Handmade Japanese Papers

A lightweight, long fibered, natural colored paper for bookbinding and mending many types of paper. A lightweight sheet that forms a delicate edge when water torn. The lightweight fibers help to blend with the paper being mended. Package of two sheets, no broken packages please.

Cat # Description Size 1 or more Qty

Kizukishi, Uso Mino Thin 11-12g/m2

Price/pkg of 2
25 x 36.5 $72.73

Kizukishi, Uso Mino 15-16g/m2

Price each
25 x 36.5 $38.15

Handmade Japanese Papers, Sekishu

Handmade Japanese Papers

A medium weight, long fibered paper available in white & natural colors. A soft slightly heavier weight mending sheet useful for filling voids in paper. Its greater strength is also useful for certain types of hinging, cover stock. No broken packages please.

Cat # Description Size 1 or more Qty

25 in. x 36 1/2 in. Sekishu Natural

Price/pkg of 5

Sekishu White

Price/pkg of 5
25L x 38W $80.95

Handmade Japanese Papers, Sekishu Hanshi

Sekishu Hanshi papers are good for hinging, mending and backing. The middle bark layer is not removed while preparing for making the paper, creating a stronger paper and darker color than other kizuki papers. Sekishu Tsuru is handmade from 100% Kozo, machine beaten and dried on a dryer. Sekishu Mare is made from 100% Kozo, hand beaten and dried on wood boards.

Sold in packages of 5

Cat # Description Size 1 or more Qty

Sekishu Tsuru

Price/pkg of 2
21 x 29 1/2 $40.62

Sekishu Mare

Price/pkg of 2
21 x 29 1/2 $57.13

Handmade Japanese Papers, Tengucho Wood Ash

Tengucho Wood Ash papers are made from 100% Kozo and cooked with wood ash. The Tengucho papermaking tradition has been handed down for 4 generations through one family. The incredibly thin sheets are of the finest quality and are excellent for conservation use. Sold in packages of 5 sheets.

Cat # Description Size 1 or more Qty

Tengucho Ash

Price/pkg of 2
21 x 31 $82.40
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