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Insects Limited Museum Pest Monitoring Kit

Insects Limited Museum Pest Monitoring Kit

Designed to monitor for pest problems in museums, this kit contains all you need to alert you when pests appear so you can take appropriate action to protect your collections.  Check for the presence of silverfish, clothes moths, beetles and roaches that can attack and damage bookbindings, textiles, documents, prints and other fragile materials. Full color photographic chart helps identify specific pests. Contains no pesticides

Kit includes:  

10 Stealth sticky traps

10 Trapper Monitor sticky traps

2 lures each for Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenusverbasci), Webbing Clothes Moth (Tineolabisselliella), Cigarette Beetle (Lasiodermaserricorne), Warehouse Beetle (Trogodermavariabile)

10 food baits eachfor Roaches (Blatella spp.), Silverfish (Lapismasaccharina)

Full-color photographic identification chart


Insects Limited Museum Pest Monitoring Kit

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Museum Pest Monitoring Kit

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