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Collection Labeling Kit

Collection Labeling Kit

Designed specifically to meet the needs of a museum collections manager, this kit contains materials needed to safely label many different types of items. Instructions included will provide information on the proper procedures for labeling. Replacement bottles of (Acryloid) Paraloid B-67 and (Acryloid) Paraloid 72 sold separately. Kit includes: • Clear Lacquers (Paraloid B-67 and Paraloid B-72) for use as a base coat • Black and White Fluid Acrylic Inks, for use in applying accession numbers • Acrylic Gloss Medium in water, for use as a top coat • Ink Applicators (fine brush; quill pen; empty COPIC marker) • Pencils (HB pencil; black and white All-Stabilo pencils; pencil sharpener), for marking • Tags and Ties (10 acid-free paper tags with ties; 10 Tyvek tags; cotton tape; Glide Teflon monofilament) • Miscellaneous (1 pair each cotton and nitrile gloves, size medium; eyedropper; 4 cotton swabs; sandpaper; empty 0.5 oz. brush top bottles) • Instruction Booklet

Kit is no longer available.

Additional Clear Lacquers and Inks Sold Separately

 Available while supplies last.

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Acryloid B-67 in Naptha

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0.5 Fluid oz. $9.35

Golden Black Fluid Acrylics

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0.5 Fluid oz $9.05
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