CoLibri Book Covering System

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Price: $44.15 - $1,546.40


The CoLibri Book Covering System is an internationally patented book protection system that consists of a lightweight and compact sealing machine. Polyethylene pouches that can be sized to fit any hardcover or softcover book, book jackets, documents, certificates, CDs, maps, plans, and more.

With a touch of a button, the machine is engineered to control temperature, timing and pressure for 100% accurate welding and trimming. The animated display provides easy step-by-step instructions as well as records the number of cuts the machine makes so keeping a tally of covers for inventory and reorder is effortless. Acid-free, inert polyethylene covers are custom fitted without the use of adhesives and can be removed or replaced at any time.

Desktop machine and 3 sizes of pouches are sold separately.

Due to fuel surcharges, additional shipping charges may apply.

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