FRANK Showcase Systems




A truly unique and patented connecting system that has made FRANK museum display cases the preferred choice of museums, collectors, architects, and designers globally. FRANK museum showcases are found in some of the world’s most prestigious museums, protecting priceless artifacts that mankind has undertaken to preserve. Precision-engineered exhibition showcases with no compromise are the FRANK guarantee. Delivering fast-track solutions that are elegant, flexible, and minimal in design combined with absolute functionality. All of these benefits are manufactured in all sizes and versions, a truly bespoke showcase, exactly the way you want it! After all “It’s what’s inside that counts”.



The FRANK range of showcases is the perfect solution for museums, cultural & heritage centers, libraries, private collections, and exhibitions. FRANK of course keeps secure and protects what’s precious to you but allows what’s displayed inside to be viewed with minimal visual distractions. Its simplicity, expandability, and future-proof capabilities make it perfect for permanent, temporary, or touring exhibitions of any size.
With the ever-increasing demand for its full list of products and services in the USA, FRANK Group in early 2021 established Frank America. This investment allows the FRANK companies to provide a full level of service for their casework lines and products directly to their American customer base.


The FRANK showcase system features our unrivalled slide-in technology. It requires no screws or gaskets for dustproof and airtight storage and preservation. Simply insert the inconspicuous aluminium strips into the grooves machined in the edges of the panels. No wider than the two eight-millimetre panels’ connecting joint, these slim extrusions are flush with the surface when installed. Most important of all, they provide a precise-fitting connection with the stability of a permanent joint and the flexibility of a quick-release fixture that enables easy disassembly.


The prefabricated Frank showcase is delivered disassembled and well-packed.

It can be assembled or disassembled in a few simple steps by only one person.
Detailed assembly instructions are included.


FRANK Showcase System is available in acrylic. All materials are connected using the same connecting profiles.
As a result, different materials can be combined with one another. This form-fit connection is extremely strong and can withstand the highest levels of stress, such as vandalism.

All components, such as the aluminium ceiling and floor frames (with adjustable feet) and floor and side panels, are manufactured to a high standard and give the showcase a high-quality appearance. The prefabricated Frank showcase is delivered disassembled and well-packed. It can be assembled or disassembled in a few simple steps by only one person. Detailed assembly instructions are included.



Without the need for special tools, the FRANK Showcase System is child’s play, allowing quick and simple installation and disassembling. All sheet and frame components can be easily replaced thanks to FRANK’s revolutionary slide-in technology and detailed database of every showcase manufactured. With a couple of clicks, your new parts are on their way! Furthermore, the system’s demountable flexibility is once again supported with wheeled space-saving storage cases that protect your investment, enabling multiple re-uses for future exhibitions.



The FRANK System was born out of a passion to evolve museum showcases to their highest form using its background in German precision engineering. All FRANK’s products are manufactured in the United States and Germany meeting the most demanding standards. The patented system combines precise CNC-guided manufacturing and high-quality materials. This combination of FRANK know-how delivers class-leading quality, security, and outstanding longevity making FRANK products an excellent investment.



“Uniquely FRANK” branding derives from its patented display cabinet System. The System’s innovation and outstanding functionality were originally conceived utilizing the advantages of acrylic sheets. These include reduced risk of breakage, clarity, and lightweight for handling and transportation compared to equivalent mineral glass display cabinets.

You’ll be in excellent hands working with FRANK because we’ve designed, manufactured, and installed museum display cases for some of the world’s most important international museums, cultural and heritage organizations. This isn’t to say that smaller projects aren’t important to us; regardless of the size or budget FRANK’s team will always go the extra mile to deliver excellence every step of the way on your project journey.
FRANK’s attention to every detail has made the brand associated with excellence, affordability, and high-quality products which stand the test of time. Here are just an indicative selection of the museums, retail, and organizations we are delighted to call satisfied customers.

The Cloisters – The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY • The National History Museum of Los Angeles • Smithsonian Institution Washington • Henry Ford Museum Detroit • UNO Headquarter New York • Canadian War Museum • University of British Columbia • Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg • Museum of Fine Arts Budapest • The British Museum London • Victoria & Albert Museum London • Aga Khan Museum Canada • Dresdner Schloss • Cité de l’histoire de l’immigration Paris • Ozeaneum Stralsund • Turkish Cammer Dresden • Europarat Brüssel • Marks & Spencer Leeds • Eintracht Museum Frankfurt • Palace King Abdullah Riyadh • Museum of Anthropology LA • The British Library • Museum of London • Museo Sefardí de Toledo • Robert Koch Stiftung Stuttgart • Museum Bozar Brüssel • Topkapı-Palast Istanbul • Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt • Grünes Gewölbe Dresden • Stadt Rheine • National Germanic Museum Nürnberg • Degussa Röhm Darmstadt • Hermitage St. Petersburg • Museum of Ethnology Budapest • National Gallery of Australia • Frankfurt Flughafen • Alcázar de Toledo • Turkish Pavillon Expo • Liverpool Museum • Armee Museum Brüssel • Körperwelten / bodyworld • The Orient Museum Fundação Oriente, Lisbon • Bundestag Berlin • Deutscher Bundestag Paul Löbe Haus • Pfizer Messestand • Hauptbahnhof Freiburg • Armani Store Stockholm • Palazzo Ducale Venedig • Stockholm Collin Barracks Dublin • Al Musmak Fortress Riyadh Saudi Arabia • Kunsthalle Mainz …