How We Compare

How We Compare
We want to help you choose the best supplier for your requirements. Here is how we compare.

Competitive Prices
We do our best to maintain the lowest possible prices on our products, and we maintain these prices for every customer, all the time. Our catalog prices are guaranteed through the calendar year.

All orders are shipped from Fredericksburg, Virginia

No Minimum Dollar Orders
We strive to meet the needs of all our customers! We are happy to accommodate you.

Superior Custom Services
We specialize in custom products- let us solve your archival storage dilemma. Our creative and flexible staff is ready and waiting to help. Remember, just because it isn't in the catalog doesn't mean it isn't possible.

A Company With A History
Hollinger Metal Edge prides itself in our over Eighty years of history. How apropos for a company whose primary mission is to preserve the past. We would not exist were it not for the venerable institutions of the National Archives and Library of Congress who worked with our founder to invent "acid-free" storage. Operating with many decades-long employees, we are a company with a rich history of quality service and dedication to preservation.