Archival Quality Pens & Markers

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Price: $4.50 - $6.15


These permanent pigmented ink pens and markers are water & fade resistant, instantly dry on paper & board and dry within ten seconds on hard surface such as wood, metal, plastics, CD's glass & ceramics. All pens meet ACMI non-toxicity standards.

Permapaque Markers:

An odorless, marker with two points: a chisel point at one end for both detail and wider coverage and a bullet point at the other. Excellent for carton & box marking, no bleed-through on paper, vellum & standard scrapbook papers.

Permapaque Fine-Point Pens:
An odorless, fine-point pen (1.0 mm line) for writing or printing easy-to-read information. No bleed thru on paper, vellum or standard scrapbook pages. Available only in black.

Permapaque Graphics Pen:
An odorless, graphics pen with a 1mm drawing nib for bolder, thicker lines. Ideal for writing, printing, drawing illustrations, signatures, journals, notes & memos, etc.. Does not bleed thru papers, water & chemical proof. Available only in black.

Price per each pen.

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