Book Jacket Cover

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Price: $32.95 - $72.00


Durable crystal clear covers enhance the appearance & greatly extend the life of paper covers found on many popular hard cover books. Made from 1.5 mil. Archival Polyester film with an acid free backing paper and assembled with an acrylic based adhesive. The center-slit backing paper adds firmness and the polyester film protects paper covers from fingerprints & abrasion during handling & shelving.
Book Jacket Covers are exactly sized to fit the most popular paper jacket sizes; yet with just a fold they accommodate odd-size books too.
To apply, simply insert paper cover into the jacket, if a fold is necessary, secure it with pH neutral # 850 tape (see below). Do not tape the polyester cover directly to the paper cover or book as you may wish to remove it.
Sold in a dispenser box of 50 Jackets.


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