Ethafoam Ring Mounts

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Price: $13.60 - $19.40


Cushion and Protect Items with Uneven Bases

Ethafoam ring mounts provide a simple and effective means of protecting pottery, ceramics, baskets and other items with rounded, uneven or damaged bases from tipping over while in storage or on display. Ethafoam squares have been diecut into concentric rings, 1" wide, and can be removed as needed to fit and cushion artifacts. Rings can be covered with acid-free tissue or a soft material to protect surfaces that might be flaking or damaged. Ethafoam squares are 12" x 12" with nestled concentric rings of 6", 8", and 10".  Squares available in two thicknesses.

Due to fuel surcharges, additional shipping charges may apply.

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