Garment Mounts For Dresses & Suits

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  • Garment Mounts For Dresses & Suits
  • Garment Mounts For Dresses & Suits
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Conservation Garment Mounts—For Dresses and Suits

Realistic shapes for no-frills display of artifact garments

Safe, yet economical, alternative to custom-made mannequins

These solid conservation-quality Ethafoam™ mounts are covered with one layer of polyester stockinette. There are no adhesives or resins to break down or stain your costume. The forms are available in 2 sizes and can be carved down or padded up to fit your individual garment.Forms mount on a 1” aluminum pole that is 41” in length and adjustable in height. A silver 13” round steel stand, or black powder coated metal stand isincluded in price. Both the Dress Forms and the Suit Forms have the center and off-center trouser mount capability.

Color: White.

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