Jade 403 PVA Glue

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1 unit
Price: $16.70 - $49.80


 For use in bookbinding, conservation and fine art applications Adhere paper, cloth, wood and leather, and repair ceramic objects with this pH neutral, acid-free polyvinyl acetate emulsion. Also holds firmly to plastic materials and can be used on vellum. For fine art applications, use Jade 403 to patch tears and fill cracks in canvases, and also to reinforce the bend at the edges of stretched canvas paintings. In diluted form, it can secure fraying threads.

This general purpose, resin based emulsion contains no solvents. Because it is thermoplastic, Jade 403 can be also used to form a heat set adhesive. It is fast drying, very long lasting and forms a transparent, flexible film. (To slow down drying time, mix with wheat paste or methyl cellulose).
Note:It's possible that this product may freeze in transit.  It it freezes, it will be rendered useless.  Depending on your geographical location, please consider this posiblilty when you order.

Due to fuel surcharges, additional shipping charges may apply.

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