Pressboard Pamphlet Binders

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
$33.40 - $57.90


Pressboard binders are a costeffective choice for frequently circulated and easily replaced pamphlets that do not require the long term protection of our heavier, buffered SafeCareR binders. The light weight board protects pamphlets during storage & circulation. If you intend to keep your pamphlets permanently, we recommend you choose our standard binders as the buffering in the boards offers long term protection against acids in the environment and helps mitigate the acidity of the artifact.

These binders are manufactured from 25 pt. acid-free, Pearl Green pressboard. The spine is a heavy thread count starch filled cloth, color coordinated and 100 % cotton. The Glue-in cloth is a bone colored cambric with a remoistenable neutral pH gummed surface on one side. Adhesives used to manufacture the binders are pH neutral. All binders are solid board front & back.

Single Stitched Glue-in binders sold in pkg of 12, Double Stitched Glue-in binders sold in pkg of 12,  Pressboard Cover Boards sold in pkg of 12 sets.

Products available only while supplies last.

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