Benchmark® Security Head Screwdriver and Bits

$16.75 - $36.15


Provide added security for your items on display with this simple system using screws with an uncommon head design that will deter tampering. Screwdriver magnetic handle is sized for a 1/4 in. shank that will hold any of the available spanner or pin-head bits (each sold separately).

Choose from wood or machine-thread screws with matching spanner or pin-head designs. Choose No. 6 Spanner Bit for No. 6 wood and No. 6-32 machine screws or the No. 8 Spanner Bit for No. 8 wood screws. Pin-head Phillips Bit fits all pin-head screws.

Use to secure vitrines to pedestals and exhibit cases and also in conjunction with Security Straps to secure frames to walls. 

Price per each.

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