Standard Record Storage Cartons - Detached Lids

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  • Standard Record Storage Cartons - Detached Lids
  • Standard Record Storage Cartons - Detached Lids
$9.30 - $15.20


Developed and engineered by The Hollinger Company, these cartons have become the preservation industry standard for storage and transportation of records and collections. Double layered bottoms and ends offer extra support for file folders, books or artifacts.  We suggest you organize your paper collections in aicd-free folders (911LF or 914LF) for cataloging.  Use 1/3 cut storage carton divider boards (DD11 or DD14) to create sections. Two box styles available: separate lids for easy access to contents or attached lids to prevent separation and loss during processing. Available in Tan (buffered pH 8.5), Grey (buffered pH 8.5) or White (pH 7.0). Boxes shipped flat. Easily assembled without glues or tapes.


Outside box dimensions including lid: 16 1/8 long x 13 1/8 wide x 10 1/2 high

Outside box dimensions (no lid): 15 3/4 long x 12 15/16 wide x 10 7/16 high

Inside dimensions: 15 1/2 long x 12 1/2 wide x 10 1/4 high

Double Layered Ends, Single Layered Sides, Double Layered Bottom, 

Shipped Flat and is Quickly Assembled

Passes Standard Photo Activity Test

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