T-Arm Armature Holders

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Price: $29.70 - $40.10


Armature holders can be used for displaying and supporting a variety of artifacts and figurines such as Roman glass, small bronzes, blades, crosses and small masks.  Stands feature a soft 1/16" metal "T" arm that bends and can be cut to fit the specific object.  The 1/8" metal upright is more firm and requires pliers to bend.  The metal upright is mounted in a ½" high base of either black or clear acrylic.  It is not glued to the base, to allow removal while mounting objects and also so that it can be cut down to size if required.  Objects, once mounted and placed in base, are safely supported and ready to display in exhibit cases, on shelves or pedestals.  Available in 4 T-arm heights in your choice of black or clear acrylic base.

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