Table Top Case

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Price: $1,364.00 - $2,928.00


Table Top
Say hello to our versatile table-top display case, meticulously designed with demountable features, patented corner profiles, and corner lock mechanism. This compact yet stylish display solution offers unparalleled convenience and security with the ability to safely attach to any surface. Our cases come with sturdy construction which ensures stability while maintaining a modern aesthetic. Whether for exhibitions, retail displays, or personal collections, this demountable display case offers unmatched flexibility, making it easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport with ease. Elevate your presentation with our demountable acrylic display cases, where functionality meets sophistication.

• 8mm Clear Acrylic panels
• Patented Extrusions in anodized aluminum
• 3x Corner Plugs / 1x Corner Lock Mechanism
• Aluminum Base inlay (case deck)
• Standard Case
o Base: 40mm (1.5 in)
• Passive Climate Control Case
o Base: 120mm (4.75 in) with desiccant drawer

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