X-ACTO Cutting Knives - No. 1 Light Weight

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Price: $6.65 - $23.80


X-ACTO knives and blades offer unsurpassed quality, reliability and craftsmanship. Aluminum handles are textured for firm grip and balanced for control. Choose No. 1 Lightweight Knife for delicate precision cutting and trimming. No. 2 for Medium Weight Knife will cut medium to heavy materials such as mat board and plastic. Cutting Mats have a special surface and core that minimizes the effects of cutting with sharp blades. One-inch grid pattern aids accuracy.

Lightweight precision knife: For delicate, precision cutting & trimming. Cuts paper, thin board, tissue, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film, etc..

Mediumweight precision knife: For precision cutting of medium to heavy weight materials. Cuts paper, board, tissue, mat board, wood, plastic, metal, film, etc..


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