Leak Diverter Ceiling Panels

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Price: $190.45 - $213.35


 Protect your valuable collections in storage or on display from roof and/or water pipe leaks. The Leak Diverter Panel system is designed to replace the drop ceiling tile in the area of the overhead leak. Once in place, it can be attached to a special hose (included) which will redirect the collected water to an area where it can be drained, up to 25 ft. away. This kit replaces the need for plastic sheeting, collection pails, caution signage and other leak collection and clean-up materials. Repairs can be planned without the stress of moving all items to a separate location immediately. Kit includes one panel, 25 foot hose and connectors. Panels are available in two sizes.

**2 x 4' Panel ships oversize**

Due to fuel surcharges, additional shipping charges may apply.

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