Porta-Trace LED Light Panel

Minimum Purchase:
2 units
  • Porta-Trace LED Light Panel
  • Porta-Trace LED Light Panel
Price: $233.20 - $280.90


Ultra-slim profile with removable adapter for easy transport in portfolio or briefcase.

This versatile light panel provides uniform lighting across the work surface with a beautiful, even white hue for accurate examination. The Eco-friendly design keeps power consumption low with bright, yet long lasting LED lights that have an estimated life of 50,000 hours. Features an anodized aluminum frame with a durable plexiglass work surface. Adapter: 100/240Vac, .50/60Hz allowing usage in the US and abroad (requires appropriate plug or
outlet adapter). 
Units are manufactured in the USA with all components being UL, RoHS and CE compliant. Select from 2 sizes. Available only in black.

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