Large, Multi-partitioned Artifact Storage Boxes

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Price: $36.95 - $45.60


Large adjustable multi-partitioned artifact storage boxes that fit well on standard size storage shelving.  The 23 ¾ long box fits on 24" shelving and the 15" long box fits two deep on the 30" and 36" shelving.  Boxes come with 6 piece partitions with extra slots which can be used to divide box into numerous configurations.  These boxes have hand holds on the bottom and ends for ease of handling.  The hand holes are only in the outer panels of the triple panel ends so the inside of the box is not exposed to the environment.  Boxes are available in either sturdy, tan, acid/lignin free, buffered (8.5pH) corrugated board or archival quality, white chemically inert polypropylene corrugated board.

Passes standard photo activity test.

Due to fuel surcharges, additional shipping charges may apply.

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