Suspension Boxes

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
$38.70 - $123.05


Store or transport the most fragile and delicate of artifacts and specimens in these clear boxes with a highly flexible plastic membrane in the top and bottom half. Membranes are made of a polyether polyurethane system that snugly forms around the object to suspend it in place. The outer box is made of Styron® 678 clear polystyrene. Both the outer box and the membrane pass the Photo Activity Test. Suspension boxes will protect objects from mechanical damage and also the more subtle forms of damage due to factors such as oxidation. In addition, because of the high clarity of the membrane, inspections and visual checks can be done without opening the box. Available in a wide selection of rectangular and square shapes.


Please Note:
Because of handling of the boxes after receipt, it might be necessary to clean the membrane surfaces of either dust or fingerprints before use. We would recommend using our finest microfiber cleaning cloths soaked in alcohol for a streak-free clean surface.

Due to fuel surcharges, additional shipping charges may apply

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